The Bellerofon 
lies directly on the long beach of Çıralı. There are five bungalows in total, all in the middle of a large garden. Each bungalow has its own porch and measures some 30-40 sq m. Inside, there are one double bed and one single bed. On request, one small, additional bed can be provided.

All bungalows have air conditioning, private shower and toilet, mini-bar, tea and coffee machine and a hairdryer. Wireless access to the Internet is avialable to all our guests.


In our restaurant you can enjoy the traditional Turkish cuisine in splendid natural surroundings and with a view on the Mediterranean Sea.

Çıralı lies some 80 km south of Antalya International Airport. The small tourist town of Kemer lies some
40 km to the north. Çıralı is still an area of unspoilt beauty, untouched by mass tourism. The beach is internationally known for the Mediterranean loggerhead (Caretta caretta caretta), a species of turtle that comes here every year to lay its eggs in the sand.

Of interest for those with a taste for the historical and the legendary are the ruins of the ancient port of Olympos at the southern tip of Çıralı Beach and the burning flames of Mount Chimera (Yanartaş) to the north of the village.

In and around the village you will enjoy the full magnificence of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. Çıralı and its surroundings are part of the Olimpos Beydağlari Milli Parkı, a conservation area set up to guarantee that future generations will still be able to witness its many wonders of natural and historical beauty.

The Bellerofon I kindly invites you to a unique holiday in a unique, natural environment

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