Next to sun, sea and its magnificent beach, Çıralı has a lot to offer to its vistors.Hiking – Starting from the hotel are many marked and unmarked trails, tracks and wander routes to satisfy both experienced and unexperienced wanderers. Most routes follow part of the famous Lycian Way, a 550-km-long hiking trail that is almost universally acclaimed as one of the most rewarding in the world.

Of special interest is a small track leading to the enchanting valley of Ulupınar, where you can dine on trout in restaurants built in the middle of a river or waterfall sheltered from the sun by the leaves of tall trees.

Mount Chimera (Yanartaş) – You will find Mount Chimera, known locally as Yanartaş, at a mere half hour from the hotel. A 1-km climb leads you uphill to the ruins of a Byzantine temple built next to a number of flames erupting from the very bedrock itself. Legend has it that the Greek hero Bellerophon and his flying horse Pegasus slew the fire-breathing Chimera at this very spot and that the earth still burns today due to the strength of the monster’s flames. The site is under new management since 2009, which means that it has been cleared of the refuse it had accumulated over the years. At the entrance is a small shop, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink.

Olympos – At the southern  tip of the beach, directly above it, you will the find the remains of the ancient port of Olympos, a famous harbour in the days of the Lycian League and now the site of many spectaculair ruins. Of note are a formidable temple wall, a huge necropolis and the tomb of Eudemos, a naval officer who did battle against the pirates that used to terrorize the region.

The city is easily reached by foot. The walk also leads you past the curious pierced rock formation known as Deliktaş     

Boat Tours – Every day, boats can take you from Çıralı Beach to a variety of beautiful and interesting locations. They sail past some of the true wonders of the Mediterranean, along rocky coasts to isolated bays and beaches and past caves and grottoes once used by pirates. One tour takes you to the ancient port of Phaselis, known for its beautiful location and to the locally famous Three Islands (Üç adalar).
Another takes you to the secluded beaches of Porto Ceneviz and Sazak. A third sails to Water Island (Sulu ada), an unihabited island with its own freshwater source.


Kumluca – Kumluca is an everyday Turkish town with a large friday market where you can buy almost anything you need for normal prices. Products range from fruit and vegetables via fresh fish and crustaceans from the Mediterranean and honey from the nearby mountains to shoes and clothes.

Kemer – Kemer is a small tourist town with a monday market, souvenir shops, marina, supermarkets, hospitals and discotheques. It also has several beaches and is well worth a visit.

Jeep Safari – Rent your own mini-jeep to drive in convoy through the Taurus Mountains (up to 1,700 m). The journey takes you along forest paths to traditional Turkish towns and villages where you can still see the signs of the old nomadic lifestyle of their inhabitants. The natural beauty of the area is truly remarkable and not easily forgotten.

Kekova-Demre-Church of Saint-Nicholas – A day trip that takes you along a
magnificent coastal road to the sunken city of Kekova and from there by boat to the island of Simena. After this, you will visit Demre (ancient Myra) and the famous church of Saint-Nicholas.


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